Feeling pressured?

I would like to call attention to one peculiar thing that young adults face on weekly basis: internal pressure. Whether it be in the social scene, in the class-room, or even in the confines of one’s own head, this internal pressure constantly nags at us. Am I doing this correctly? Is this socially acceptable? Do my friends think I’m a square? I wonder if I’m just different… 

As I have come to realize over some recent unfortunate happenings (understatement), when this pressure is dwelled upon, the enjoyment in life is completely drained. Not only is it harder for one to enjoy basic social interaction, such as small talk & flirting, but it is also harder for one to be a good person to others. The more time spent contemplating these various pressures, the more time is taken away from those who love & cherish you. And, more importantly, you will begin to distance yourself from those you love as well. Picture this: you are a ship. A wonderfully made ship who floats around the ocean interacting with and trading with other ships. Each ship, naturally, has different cargo. You don’t know what this cargo is, but the more time you spend with the other ship, the more you learn about its inventory. Here’s the catch: aboard each ship is also a very, very potent explosive. If you’re not careful, there’s a good chance you’ll set this explosive off. Let’s add another element to this scenario. These negative thoughts, these various pressures, are like flammable jelly. When you dwell in these thoughts, you are essentially coating the gangplank, the tethers, the very fabrics that bind you and that person together, with this jelly. Its tar-like viscosity suffocates the relationship, and even worse, makes it so that all it takes is one small spark to set both ships ablaze. To continue my metaphor, both ships will put the fire out before it reaches the explosives. However, while no explosion was created, the damage from the fire will still be considerable. A burned bridge, a lost friendship, a conscience riddled with guilt. But one good thing does come from the ashes: a lesson. A lesson to learn from, a lesson to experience yourself, a lesson to grow. Don’t live in your head. Live in the moment, not in the past or the future.

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