Snowday in Los Angeles

NOTE: This is a preview of something I will be starting on within the week

A day’s worth of lag backs everything up. Today was one of those unusually sunny days in the dead of winter. Although clouds hung over head, bolts of warm yellow and orange fell in tight groupings on the snow-laden yard. Ice that had been forming over the past three weeks quietly dripped from shingle to drainpipe to concrete. Unfortunately, as the residents of this Victorian era remodel quickly discovered, the front door had been snowed in. This is incredibly remarkable for a few reasons. The first and most obvious was that if you’ve ever seen a true Victorian home, you’d know that for snow to reach the front door, some pretty chaotic sh*t must’ve been going down. Secondly, the snow that did fall, only fell for a few hours. God only knows what happened.However agonizing they can become, sometimes an old fashioned snow-in can be a blessing in disguise. Apparently the whole town had been hit by this freak flash blizzard as well. Nearly all schools, save the private ones and their pristine untouched bubbles, as per usual, canceled classes until the snow had been cleared. The oldest son had been charged with the task of clearing the snow, and in the process, gained his first promotion in the household’s hierarchical chore system. While his brother slinked off to be with his own thoughts, the eldest attempted to make some progress on the arduous “task at hand.”

The only snow shovel they possessed, hung forgotten in the quaint two-car garage, among other things of course. Ski poles, yet no skis to be found. A thin, plastic, factory distribution-sized bag half-full of stuffed animals that never sold. Burton snow boots, worn once (in the store, sadly), helplessly sat as they faded into nothingness. Shoes that fit one size too large were surrendered to the annals of the garage as well. Instead of simply jumping to it, the eldest sifted through the increasingly dusty layers of trash and forgotten memories. His father hadn’t always been the best fit for the job.

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