I often find myself trampled, tread upon, disregarded. I see this and recognize it. Do I want to change this? Yes. But at what expense. At what cost. I am constantly subjected to this paradox. Should I stop being generous with my things (things: all included)? Yes. But, if I do stop, then what good is that? What good is it if I’m not at least attempting to brighten the lives of those around me? Its hard work, but I feel like I am charged with doing it. Who knows what type of sludge someone is trudging through? Who knows how far a simple smile, or hearty hello & goodbye would go for one of these people? It blows when I see people taking advantage of me, but at the same time I think its worth it. It makes me want to reach out to these people and figure out why they’re attempting to use me. If you really try to “get one over” on a generous person, who are you and what’s going on in your life that inspires you to do so? Again, being generous is hard work. Its also a fine line that one must learn to walk gracefully and wisely. Its easy to be an ass to everyone, and good Lord how nice that would be, but if you show generosity to the right people, all will be well. Show it to the wrong people, and they’ll spit in your face. So I guess always keep a tissue handy…

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