Little Bean

She smelled of Vanilla

and cigarettes.

She nuzzled her moppy

head of wavy

hair into the nook of my

shoulder, pressed against my throat.

Her crimson, chipped

nails grazing

and raising

bumped goose

flesh from my flesh.

The following shivers

And chills are


And enjoyed:

The graceful heart

of a lover

successfully employed,

As they beat

chest from chest;

I felt hers

As she felt mine.


We were left

ever grasping for more,

longing to hold each other

tighter, and tighter still;

Our souls attempting to

tangle, or intertwine,

ever grasping for

something divine.


Transcend habit,

transcend petty foolish

conceptions of fate;

It all dissolves when cozied

with thine impermanent


It all dissolves when teased

with Eskimo kisses

from thine temporary


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