Thoughts on Game of Thrones

Season 6, while it may be fun, and exciting, and more invigorating, takes away from the classic ebb and flow of the show. The lack of build up in terms of tension between key character’s narratives is truly quite disappointing (i.e. there’s no weight behind these fast scenes). While the wildfire, dragon fire, and increased firefights are fun/enjoyable, there’s no reason as to why the audience should care about these developments. The show has become more of a “Oh that’s cool…I suppose…” series of storylines, rather than a “Oh my gosh, can you believe that ‘X’ happened? I loved that character! I wish they hadn’t been killed off!” series of storylines.

 Originally, the main factor in GoT’s success was its gripping character development and fierce head-to-head competition of key families in the realm. As of late, we haven’t been getting the classic George RR Martin “behind the battle” scenes, and it’s quite noticeable. The writing of the show has become more Hollywood-ized and has taken a turn from being literary-content driven, to instead massive, major-motion picture driven. IF GoT wants to keep its wide-spanning fan base, it needs to THEN possess the golden mean between the two worlds, which shouldn’t be much of a challenge at all. They definitely have the financial wherewithal. All they need now is a team of passionate aficionados to curate and craft Martin’s already existing universe into something new, but just as good. 

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