A Teardrop

A teardrop rolls down my face

along my nose, down

Downwards downwards

encumbered with pain;

one part sodium, one part

water. Three part emotion,


+his teardrop continues on

it’s path. Wide arching turn

around the corner of my mouth,

but when it reaches the underhang

of my chin it rolls off

but with a moment’s hesitation


As if pondering upon the nature

of it’s departure. Then it falls

and the weight of it all

Refracts through its curves

like an inverse mirror,

it absorbs life in full


And for a second, a beautiful

salty-sweet second,

this teardrop hangs there.

I watch as it descends until

inaudibly bursting upon the floor.


This drop, this sodium water emotion

dollap, is born of the mind.

Imbued with such intensity–

and thus wrestled with dearly,

yet this drop throws two

metaphoric middle fingers in

your face for its final goodbye:


  1. shatters soundlessly
  2. reminds you “life moves on:”


the yang to our yin,

this downwards rolling tear,

like a parent’s finger under the chin,

is a reminder to hold fast,

because in the end,

this pain, too,

shall pass.

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