From March, 2018



A teardrop rolls encumbered by Pain and Memory. One-part sodium, one-part water, three-part emotion,   A teardrop rolls. Wide arching turn, it bends around the corner of the mouth Before dripping from the underhang of the chin. A brief moment of hesitation Then it falls   And a teardrop refracts weight through its curves. It is an inverse mirror, absorbing life into its wholesome body. It is the grinding of stones and boulders, Until it inaudibly bursts upon the floor.


I embrace you and planets collide, their polarities overlapping like the breast of my coat your naked shoulder.     Running my hands through your hair is like walking through plateaus of lavender, looking into your eyes like skimming and dipping into pools of jade– weightless and incandescent Koi guard sun-shaft corridors stretching deeper, and deeper still. You press your ear to my beating heart   under the gaze of ruby irises and I press my hand to the small of your back kissing your cheek, while astral shells crack, fading away leaving molten yolk suspended amidst black backdrop and earthen…

Garage Orgy

bruising black blotches on gold fur I reach fingers through dark pools burning blue spirals through french-paned windows her climax echoes through blanketed stillness   …   adding drops of purple and green I decorate patterns of black and gold traversing hypnotic origin of churning emotions her climax lullaby to fog laden streets   …   longing caresses tender cheeks and I express my love seeking only the gem of mutual recognition, for her climax pierces the veil of my heart.