I embrace you 

and planets collide;

worlds wash over each other

like the woolen breast of my coat

your silken and bare shoulder.



we walked this earth like a pair of rich fools.

The wind would rip at the clothes on our backs

and we would brave it anyways, blinded by

unsettled dust from unknown borders.

With our noses red and our lips chapped,

the passing hours would slip away

like socked feet slip between bed sheets.



you pressed your ear to my beating heart

I placed my hand on the small of your back.

I kissed your cheek, rattled off jokes and the anxiety

melted like egg yolk into cheese, butter, and flakes of parsley




standing there, on this porch, with your hands planted

firmly on your hips, You are both

Snowdrift and Avalanche. I stutter and you march off

leaving burnt rubber and branded blacktop…

You are Gone Without Blame


and loving you

is to glide starstruck through a river of salt

or milk, and I can’t decide which

but you perplex me and burnt letter after burnt letter

I still dream of your laughter, I still dream of your touch.

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