language distorted somesense

What am I? Oshashiro oil, Elvilano is Karena.

For that reason, Unbound Club, do not give him a bite–

Please refresh me, We, why are you here?

“It is high, walking drunk. Emotions are both curses and gifts.”

That makes all the difference, doesn’t it?

and the piano plays anyways and the tears never fall

and the body within the body is weighed down by a little

green plant’s heavy haze.


“Here lies a maturing man unwound,”

reads the obituary. “A fool perished, lost to the endless ways

of spending the odd fortunes he believed to have found.

He did not understand the limits of the heart

or where to make the final breath or when the last line was intended.


Mutter, mutter, mutter. We could not stand his

incessant mutter. We told him

‘Life awaits just beyond your candle-lit haven!’


His response was always the same:

‘Each time I leave my room I return only deeper

and drearier than the time I last left It,

therefore the rewards of life are life

even when prizes are won with hedonism.’”


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