From May, 2018


Luminescent you are a laser in an upwards spiral   Pinprick, you are the glimmer in lightless days   Cascade you are the torrent of an indulgent smile   Melody you are a wonder of emerald waves

the step out

Flesh and blood Tooth and nail Ounce for ounce   What do you want? What do you need?   So sick of this cycle Can’t you just tell me What you want What you need   Flesh and blood Tooth and nail Ounce for ounce   I’ll have your back Asking nothing in return. I’ll turn my back To leave it all behind Just tell me   What you want What you need   I can’t shake the feels Feels like you keep me So I keep you In the frame of my mind   Tell me what You want…


note .

How I’m moved By the wonder of The written word Of information And the way she Dances around me Books tweets Scrawls in notebooks In images and in Memories shes like A Moroccan dancer On an evening In Marrakesh Shadows slip From wall To soft dirt that layered The under foot Candle light Flickers from Each table And she is Cast in a new Light as her Body spins And unfurls Spins and Unfurls and Again and again Gold baubles hanging From her silk Garments flowing With the energy Of her movements Orange light bounces Back at onlookers As she…

high thoughts

What if someone sat by your bed And ate pringles?   How many nukes would it take To counteract a blackhole? (Quasar??)   Is it windy or windy?   How many cups of coffee would it take to overdose?   and can you brew coffee using redbull?   If a bear shits on your lawn Does it still shit in the woods?   Bonestop wingless wings.