But I’m right here

Waiting for my skin to sag,

Gettin lost

Tryna get everyone’s tail to wag.


Gun jams as I fire at prize quails

Flip thru insta, look at all the thumbnails

All the hash tags, the flexes and brags

Life is full of goons n hags, really though

I’m bummed man


But that’s ok.

Getting lost in a feeling

Is but another fad


And its been kinda long too,

Since the last time I saw you.

Not on the best terms either–

We left that shit alone

like a geek in the bleachers.


And that’s how these times go

Part of human nature I suppose.

In one way or another,

All of us, predisposed like


Already recycled garbage

Made fresh once again.

Look, the Truck just got in from northridge.

But yo, Fuck that shit. Your blessed,

So lift your chin.


Yet even thus, we must

Ignore that pain that

Bites us we must

Trust that the fruit

Of our toils are just


That the repercussions

Of our actions will

Reap monstrous spoils,

That the perspiration

On our foreheads will

Evaporate into wide smiles.


If you wonder where

The divine is in a life

Described as such,

Then simply look into

What you thought was

a Life– smelling worse

Than the cheapest musk.


Your life is a hymn–

All you do, all you did,

all you thought as a kid–

Makes it worth sitting,

Inching, eventually embracing

Sagging skin.

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