Some of the content below will hold appeal, while a lot of it may not. Although I’m sharing this essay with you, I do want to remind you that this was written to help me understand how I can best live my own life.  Bear with me as I delve into an exploration of time, space, consciousness, and intelligent design.

If the physical matter given to you (your body) is yours to keep until you die, and if your consciousness is a constant that doesn’t really change over time, how do you become both your past and future selves simultaneously? How do you join all of your segments into one being that exists in the present?

Information is the only thing that grants “maturity.” Right? If the past is just as hazy as the future, what’s the one thing that you can control now? The information you ingest, and the way you organize the information you already possess. If you were to lay out your life experiences on paper, do you think you would be able to recognize some of the things that trouble you most?

If you refresh yourself with all the information (i.e. big life lessons) you learned when you were younger and if you make an effort to fill your mind with the information you foresee yourself learning in the future, now, you’d be able to closely read yourself and your tendencies. You might even be able to spot unhealthy patterns, as well as truly beneficial patterns. This would allow you to correct your life path as you see fit. Right? Imagine how prepared you’d be to face Life’s curveballs. You’d be preforming a sort of mental Tai Chi (or Capoeira depending on your speed of life) as you redirect– and thus control– the flow of information that is constantly being revealed to you.

Experience is one thing, but we have complete control of the actions that we choose to engage in. We seemingly have free will, so why not choose to enrich ourselves with the information we already know to be important. Each of us understands what we need to learn, but we don’t necessarily make the best attempt to learn it. Why? Because self-actualization is the hardest thing for an individual to do, especially when it’s not the most popular use of time. Especially when there’s money to be made.

If I know that the future I’m envisioning is an imaginary future, then what can I do to prepare my mind…my consciousness…for the unknown, yet inevitable future?

What sorts of things do I teach myself? There must be a specific set of skills that will allow my mind (me) the most efficient means of processing each moment as it presents itself. If you think about it, the now is already the past and the future. The only reason why we perceive them to be separate is the result of our perception and how human consciousness decided to evolve: language, imagination, and memory. Linearity.

Continually, our physical existence gives us this permanence, and so long as we have it, we can separate the past, present and future. We can process everything that has happened to us, while also envisioning what may occur in the future. It’s what it means to be sentient. Or so I think.

The reverse is also true. We can imagine that the past, present, and the future are all one thing. All happening simultaneously. Why is this the case? How do I know this to be true? Because our consciousness will be the same (will operate under the same processes) in all scenarios regardless of their existence on a linear timeline. It’s the same consciousness as it were when our bodies were new, and its the same consciousness as it will be when our bodies are old. The only thing that changes is the information. New data shapes how you think about things, but at the end of the day it’s ultimately yourself who decides how you think. You mold your brain, literally teaching yourself to create neural pathways when the need arises. Your soul is timeless, and infinite.

The only thing that will inhibit our consciousness is our physical hardware. Aging and the deterioration of our “meat suits.” It would seem that when we approach this final stretch, everything we’ve been through and everything we’ve learned clicks and becomes one knowledge.

Now lets rewind to the present. To right now. Imagine the revelations you’d have if your mental age far surpasses your physical age by the time you reach this final stretch. You’d be able to efficiently pass down all that you’ve learned. You’d be able to impart a tremendously valuable collection of knowledge as you draw your last five-hundred thousands breaths. And that’s just off tops. Imagine what would happen if you began recording and transcribing your knowledge as it was revealed?

To conclude, it seems to me that the best life stems from intelligent design and time management. Every single moment counts. Thus we have the beauty of YouTube, and information media. Curated information. Content refined by an unimaginable amount of people, ideas, concepts, etc. Filtered by life itself, and then delivered on a silver, algorithmic platter to just the right person at just the right time.

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