like gods clamoring

over who’s right and

whats wrong,

lightning leaps

between clouds,

silent as a fox–

a ricocheting vein of

already fading hue

represents so much more

than charged ions:


impulse of the earth,

strike dirt in front of me.

flickering white light ,

I watch you confounded.

Call to your brethren

around you: lift your voices as one!

Your enraged stammer is

ten thousand volts of plasma:

I receive your furious screams

amazed as you

paint behind clouds with an impermanent and obvious secrecy.


Lay but one finger upon my skull–

give me just one morsel of your power–

char my flesh and rive my skull,

split these atoms.

I beg you.


Incantation of chaos:

let me have your unending charge

let me direct your uproarious flock–

for lay but one finger upon my skull

and my words will become thunder,

my eyes conduits of your might

casting purifying light as if my soul

were a font of Truth.


Son of Set,

I will raze corruption under your banner of cacophony,

I will destroy barriers of Old,

Planting seeds on smoldering, yet fertile soil–

Truth will erect itself from the ashes of hatred

and my scorn will blossom into their understanding.


Thunderous Child, One with Ravens, Seer of the Alternate, Orator of the Infinite–

God empower this mortal coil,

Lend me your scythe

your spear

and your thread,


raise me

and I shall raze mountains

raise me

and I shall educate masses

raise me

and I shall love and cherish my woman

longer than the kiss of death…

I will bring this family into this world

Giving you all the glory…


Lay but one finger upon my head

and I will pave a path fit for titans.



  1. This is Jesse. I met you in the studio a while ago. We exchanged our poems. Send me an email sometime soon. I want to get back in the studio and record that diabolical shit I played for you. I want that power too. Woedenbolt.

    Liked by 1 person

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