From September, 2018

breathe enough?

Just making meaning alone is treacherous enough talking about the clauses not the in-between’s talking about the pauses, those quiet moments shared from you to me though   the night drags on and Artemis climbs higher Cupid draws his arrow, though she’s already knocked and fired, like you hide from me as would a crook his noose… / left, right, front center yet the back is what you choose Trust It was never my intention to control you It was never my intention to half-assedly console you.  

Making Truth

  This body is mine to command.   These muscles are mine to command. this body is machine melded to mind, I am the thought behind the word & my words are these bodies of mind, my words are structures untouchable by time, my tongue creates shape from the void-like mind. it is mine this body this flesh this intangible mind   I am free to expand these limits of mine.

Stretching the Hand to Alleviate the Mind

To Create Poem from essay written at zots Dream dolman / cloud portal / starry night with telescope looking at portal of clouds / rays of light shining through from the swath of heaven / steel metal circular dolman / no anchors but the rays of the light that unite the worlds / like looking through a window at another dimension / tearing rifts and moving through these circles / becoming aware that your imagination can zoom copy and past your conscious mind into other worlds / realizing that your horizons are meant to be expanded / that humanity’s final…