Stretching the Hand to Alleviate the Mind

To Create

Poem from essay written at zots

Dream dolman / cloud portal / starry night with telescope looking at portal of clouds / rays of light shining through from the swath of heaven / steel metal circular dolman / no anchors but the rays of the light that unite the worlds / like looking through a window at another dimension / tearing rifts and moving through these circles / becoming aware that your imagination can zoom copy and past your conscious mind into other worlds / realizing that your horizons are meant to be expanded / that humanity’s final destination is breaking through / that life is infinite / a looping circle / ouroboros proves we realized this long ago / Arrival expands upon it / we are circular / our dimension is spherical / to tear a window through is to become aware that everything is a game of spheres : that one need only worry about it’s weight / that surface area is but another yet / yet mass, / mass is density and density is value / low density high surface area spheres are the weightless / so I suppose the purpose of life is to increase ones density / to make meaning / to create / to fill the mind and the body with sustenance / with ideas and beliefs and hopes and dreams / and to pursue these desires with the fervor of ones being. / life runs and runs / and you must run with it / there is no time for doubt / there is no time for hesitation / there is no time to let yourself become preoccupied with the knot tangled in your gut…/ worrying about the thoughts that may be floating around in someone else’s mind is then a tremendous waste of your time / of your energy. / invest it instead in brightening your countenance, / invest it instead in the pursuit of smiling, / in the pursuit of becoming a better individual, / an individual that shares the bounty of his labor with his friends / his family / his lovers / and his enemies / this I decree to be my highest calling / this I decree to be the greatest expenditure of time. / it may be the only pursuit worth pursuing / else what matters? / gratification of pleasures? / no! I have swam in that river many times before / it leads only deeper into darkness / only deeper into the places you do not truly wish to discover / or perhaps you do? / and if that is the case / then by all means pursue it / but do not go gently into that night. / either you dive full in / or you don’t make the leap at all. / I dove in and still am in / though now I sometimes carry myself on a pair of mismatched wings: / leathered and feathered / I rep both sides / I am the gray in the still of morning / the in-between / the orange or the purple / the inverted hue / (most often the inverted hue). / I cannot stop this incessant muttering / I cannot stop this indulgent undulation of this tongue that rests upon the seat of conscious / I am lost and proclaim what few truths I stumble upon / and I try not to feign what knowledge I do possess / and if i do profess or diffuse or disperse this secret knowledge / I profess it knowing full well that my words sometimes strike true / and other times reek of sewage / oh Christ the stench of spoiled words / dripping from my mouth like contaminated waters do drip from the mouths of the industrial / or from the bowels of the deceased / I roil in this neuroticism / and so there we have it / I write these words to purify and expunge the toxins that often coat the walls of my mind / I believe these to be the byproducts of my mental exertion / of the scars dug into myself, / gifts of others, / yet always brought upon myself / my self my self my self…./ will we ever solve the problem of the self?? //

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