From October, 2018

Look Past It

Grow into your body, anxiety fades away   (“Kobe!”)   Here look, take notes. I too annotate “Constant Pursuit, Life don’t Stop” “Constant Pursuit” that’s the mission Yea we don’t stop, fuck an acid drop   (“whoa bro everything’s going guacamole”) [mockingly]   Yessir, I becomes we as they stare down what stands in-between– Like fallen angels, they become their idols; like He rocks the boat and She cackles Like He wants Her in His shackles, and She wants Him so they welcome the spirit who knocks, coughs and brings hell when these rotten thoughts go HAM and run rampant…

Pulled From the Ether

Claim no knowledge I claim no knowledge Like these things I speak of Exist only when my mind’s free of   (Despair, denial, doubt gifted from Belial) (Despair, denial, doubt gifted from Belial)   Bars I have not though this speaker still knocks Like this cadence perfectly sync’s with the clock A profession pardoned by fruits forbidden Words turning as I burn this zoot Thoughts churning, rhymes I split in two And again here we are   (Despair, denial, doubt gifted from Belial) (Despair, denial, doubt gifted from Belial)   (“Slip into the Sound”) (“Slip into the Sound”) (“Smoke this…

Mentirse, “La Mejor Manera Venirse”

La mente es un pozo y la fundación, un cuerpo.   Y la cima?   Qué existe en la cima? O quién? de donde somos y donde nos vamos… ?   Preguntas preguntado en busca de la mejor manera venirse, besos perfectos, algunos raro, otros falso.    


they stretch our minds in every which way like a leather pelt over the rim/lip of a drum   they hammer their fingers upon us against us and record the sounds we make