Look Past It

Grow into your body, anxiety fades away




Here look, take notes. I too annotate

“Constant Pursuit, Life don’t Stop”

“Constant Pursuit” that’s the mission

Yea we don’t stop, fuck an acid drop


(“whoa bro everything’s going guacamole”) [mockingly]


Yessir, I becomes we as they stare down what stands in-between–

Like fallen angels, they become their idols; like He rocks the boat and She cackles

Like He wants Her in His shackles, and She wants Him so they welcome

the spirit who knocks, coughs and brings hell when

these rotten thoughts go HAM and run rampant




like anxiety when we rolling

called ‘em out from dark shadows

Bars birthed from pitchy darkness

Sounds spit through mirth, we march this


And y’all bear witness to poetic solstice

Bounce through the seasons

Winter, Summer; Fall, Spring

Of course we all know this but

Man don’t you think

Context bubbles beneath?

Subtext runs deep, no brook

And Root runs deeper

Like fuck…lemme pause

Lemme tinker


And the beaker bubbles, my alchemical piece

Takin’ me higher than your fattest rip,

Meager hit from the pen, you call that a blinker?

Though I’ve got no beef, we settled our troubles…


listen—can’t you hear them clink and chime?

They’re the thoughts we interlaced with rhyme

chained to our hearts, they’ll always be with us

as we pass through this fleeting thing called Time.


These words now lowered to a simmer

and one doubles over: like here, try my Au jus


(“oh shit man…absurd, but also kinda true”)

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