Pulled From the Ether

Claim no knowledge

I claim no knowledge

Like these things I speak of

Exist only when my mind’s free of


(Despair, denial, doubt gifted from Belial)

(Despair, denial, doubt gifted from Belial)


Bars I have not though this speaker still knocks

Like this cadence perfectly sync’s with the clock

A profession pardoned by fruits forbidden

Words turning as I burn this zoot

Thoughts churning, rhymes I split in two

And again here we are


(Despair, denial, doubt gifted from Belial)

(Despair, denial, doubt gifted from Belial)


(“Slip into the Sound”)

(“Slip into the Sound”)

(“Smoke this dro’ fade into the background”)

(“Post with the homies till you find that right sound”)


Though my lyrics is lookin kinda musty, probly the alc

(must be)

Like yes my lyrics is rusty, probly the alc

(must be)


like hol’ up while I break into my knowledge

Pushin’ through the darkness

Lights forward like there’s no tomorrow.

Duck n dodge these leeches

Though you know I still pass the bottle

Like Every day a battle, every day I rattle

Clutch pressed nigga push it full throttle


Lyrics drippin out my chest though

I keep my chain just like the rest

Though I doubt they tuck rhymes like mans can

Doubt they got tunes that bump like man’s jams

Like will they pull up to the lot

Or will they stutter as we pop?


Reference to the gat (da duh duh duh)

But haha ain’t never been much of a thunder-uh

–Only thrown one punch

–Only taken one lunch

Like I never talk too much shit

Wouldn’t wanna undercut ya


But go head say what you want

Say what you will

Mans gonna tread right

Mans gonna stay real


Like to keep afloat

Is the only thrill

To the stack the paper

To seal the deal

Else its all material


So I duck n dodge

And dip into the ethereal

Boolin’ as I pick razor blades

From my cereal.


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