The Compress


You in the intimate

hallways of airport terminals

You look at me with venom

in your eyes sinking the fangs

of your consciousness into me

as if I were a rodent to be consumed…

I am





striding past you

as I wear the color of your skin

Is it really that hard to believe?

enserio hombre I can

feel your eyes boring

into the pores of my

technicolor epidermis,

I suck my teeth

at your ignorance;

but its useless

because they’re already bored bitless

de-tusked like your judgement

is a plague of entitlement

sweeping across the plains

in crooked and tattered wagons

and we were all guilty of it

at one time or another –

our ancestors the clouds frown down

from their perch in the Heavens

the colonies of cumulus poofs

the closest we’ll get to seeing Big G


whiter than me

whiter than Dean

deemed dead

whiter than the eyes

of the Congregation.

Yet Black when it rains

Black when they speak the loudest

Black like here I am hanging while

The period cracks

The page thunders

you struggle to parse yourself

together, losing yourself

in the other; your

neighbor seated next to you

scratching their head

while you scribe furiously

at times without your voice

at times with your paper

though always the truth…

a truth,

you’re trying but it’s evasive

so you confess the au jus

of your bones; creole marrow

sucked from its Hollows

(trust me I’d know)

I sat in a crock pot

for 18 years while

my Mexican father

sampled my essence

pretending to be white…

try to stop me, please

I beg you, seriously

because I don’t think

I could even stop myself

as my heart beats itself to

a pulp pressing words into meaning-

Constructions. Inverse:

my words are a pill press

here have some of my serotonin,

here have some of my dopamine,

I won’t give a fuck!

So take what you will;

If it makes you uncomfortable

I’m sorry.

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