From September, 2019

hush (review)

Hush: Media and Sonic Self-Control by Mack Hagood My rating: 5 of 5 stars hush is a delightful read offering a bounty of pristine syntax, thoroughly informed chapters, and carefully constructed arguments. It’s a masterful blend of cornerstone theories – a high-tech trophy case of superbly crafted arguments and rhetorical delicacies all centered around the mediation of sound. hush is broken into four sections: Introduction, Suppression, Masking, and Cancellation. Its introduction is a marvelous display of textual control in which the figures of Orpheus and Collin Kaepernick bear the proverbial torches of exemplification. Inspired by Orpheus’ ability to enshroud his…


///{Your Name}/// :Never quit.: :Never fade.: :Persevere.: :Overcome.: // :Their tears, our pain.: :Their bones, our refrain.: :From ashes, we emerge.: :From phantoms, we become.: // {life; given}/{death; silenced} {skull; broken}/{soul; violent} // (cleft hoof stampede) (our call upon the Earth) ///{Your Name}/// // :Let rain be their bane,: :young hurricane untamed.: // (song of destruction) (dance of revelry) // {net; cast out} {harvest; plenty} // {writ; bloody, unrepealed} // …opening…opening…opening… // {machine pumps; full avail} // …/…/…/… // [send][receive][save]