From Rhymes

Doth I Dream?

Thus acknowledged what cruel truth knowledge brings, Of pearly white teeth and linen frocks, Of your golden locks, my heart doth sweetly sing. your smile reminds me of most clear-minded thought, Awaken, Awaken, Calls Raven, Caws Crow–   for through my pupils, It’s beak doth ween. Spoken now, incantations of Hope, doth I dream.  


But I’m right here Waiting for my skin to sag, Gettin lost Tryna get everyone’s tail to wag.   Gun jams as I fire at prize quails Flip thru insta, look at all the thumbnails All the hash tags, the flexes and brags Life is full of goons n hags, really though I’m bummed man   But that’s ok. Getting lost in a feeling Is but another fad   And its been kinda long too, Since the last time I saw you. Not on the best terms either– We left that shit alone like a geek in the bleachers.  …