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strengths weaknesses opportunities threats

this expiration date not yet decided. this system not yet subverted.   this lover not yet acclimated. this tension not yet resolved…   …twenty one years ignorant …twenty one years liberated   I struggle with accountability. I free myself through language.   I push through silence, I’d carry your cross…


I. gilded gates rooted into obsidian, boulders rich with crystalline dust, It takes many forms yet forever exists in what crude sliver it has cut for itself   II. red book Blue book purple book. Black go the spots as they float over my eye– fifteen rows deep three floors tall five rows often across It is a gateway seldom explored   III. ice moves into place, pulled forth– from stagnant existence into the tumult of life   IV. Verdant flames kindled from the spit of Its youth, it seeks balance though such is a reprieve not yet earned.  

Shopify Store Checklist

Change, I think Deltas, right?   I’ve been sitting At this desk For hours   Writing and planning and writing plans for more planning…   Startup company meeting Ended at 6:00 PM So I sat and stretched   Intermittently, stopping to check my phone or walk around…   Yet just now, after 6 hours of sitting, stretching, planning, writing about planning, writing about writing plans,   my foot glosses over a protractor, a mathematical practical delta   A change.   So I scratch my Mosquito bites, dumbfounded, because   why, now, do I stumble upon the protractor…the delta   as…


Luminescent you are a laser in an upwards spiral   Pinprick, you are the glimmer in lightless days   Cascade you are the torrent of an indulgent smile   Melody you are a wonder of emerald waves

high thoughts

What if someone sat by your bed And ate pringles?   How many nukes would it take To counteract a blackhole? (Quasar??)   Is it windy or windy?   How many cups of coffee would it take to overdose?   and can you brew coffee using redbull?   If a bear shits on your lawn Does it still shit in the woods?   Bonestop wingless wings.

language distorted somesense

What am I? Oshashiro oil, Elvilano is Karena. For that reason, Unbound Club, do not give him a bite– Please refresh me, We, why are you here? “It is high, walking drunk. Emotions are both curses and gifts.” That makes all the difference, doesn’t it? and the piano plays anyways and the tears never fall and the body within the body is weighed down by a little green plant’s heavy haze.   “Here lies a maturing man unwound,” reads the obituary. “A fool perished, lost to the endless ways of spending the odd fortunes he believed to have found. He…

unfortunately, he’s a terrible poet

“I look at her and my heart throbs, true Her lips lock me in a trance, she is the most precious thing Her calm precision fills my soul, she is the most precious thing Her lighthearted mock, I hold my head in my hands, She is the most precious thing. I will love her always, true–“   With a scratch of white noise, the needle is separated from the wax. Structure collapses inward and ughch- language is not good enough.   Turning away from lust, love. Condensation, each drop an allegory, wicked away in a delicate network of ravines. Hand,…

Thoughts on Game of Thrones

Season 6, while it may be fun, and exciting, and more invigorating, takes away from the classic ebb and flow of the show. The lack of build up in terms of tension between key character’s narratives is truly quite disappointing (i.e. there’s no weight behind these fast scenes). While the wildfire, dragon fire, and increased firefights are fun/enjoyable, there’s no reason as to why the audience should care about these developments. The show has become more of a “Oh that’s cool…I suppose…” series of storylines, rather than a “Oh my gosh, can you believe that ‘X’ happened? I loved that…