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Blackened spots cloud visions, the gaze far set upon the horizon, the dream lived is the dream created, bodies seeking refuge we are a collective forced to splinter under the weight of modernity & As our globe spins backwards we are twisted like the concept of time

Poem #77

Originally posted on Luna:
You are one sin, one vice short to be perfect. Can I be one of those for you tonight? If you have a wonderful flaw it will make you seem so much more real. Let me show you the wild side of this night filled with stars. Grab a bottle from the bar, it should be enough. Dance, yell, kiss me like we are alone. Don’t think about tomorrow, don’t hold yourself back. I’m by your side, the night will hide us in its arms.

Stretching the Hand to Alleviate the Mind

To Create Poem from essay written at zots Dream dolman / cloud portal / starry night with telescope looking at portal of clouds / rays of light shining through from the swath of heaven / steel metal circular dolman / no anchors but the rays of the light that unite the worlds / like looking through a window at another dimension / tearing rifts and moving through these circles / becoming aware that your imagination can zoom copy and past your conscious mind into other worlds / realizing that your horizons are meant to be expanded / that humanity’s final…