Names to Nicknames (Respectively Ordered)

First, I was Cole then I became Cher, Her little sack ‘a puhtaytuhs.   First I was Cole, then I became Cola, my Father’s Bubba.   First I was Cole then I became Coley Oley Oley, Mama’s infinitely expanding Roley Poley Oley.   First I was Cole, then I became Mole, Mecca’s best mate, (Halo at Continue reading Names to Nicknames (Respectively Ordered)

Poem #77

Originally posted on Luna:
You are one sin, one vice short to be perfect. Can I be one of those for you tonight? If you have a wonderful flaw it will make you seem so much more real. Let me show you the wild side of this night filled with stars. Grab a bottle from…

Not Yet

Here We Are Here We Are Again   Swinging Ourselves through The Seasons My Friend   So Here We Are Here We Are Again   Counting Our Blessings Alone in the Stillness That Lies Beneath   Lonely Now Lonely Then Lonely Even as We Think of Each Other   So Let’s Not Stress the Rest Continue reading Not Yet

Look Past It

Grow into your body, anxiety fades away   (“Kobe!”)   Here look, take notes. I too annotate “Constant Pursuit, Life don’t Stop” “Constant Pursuit” that’s the mission Yea we don’t stop, fuck an acid drop   (“whoa bro everything’s going guacamole”) [mockingly]   Yessir, I becomes we as they stare down what stands in-between– Like Continue reading Look Past It